Designing websites that are tailored to your business, sector and customers

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Websites for Education

Building a website for Schools or businesses in the education sector can be tough as you need to communicate to multiple audiences like Parents, students as well as teachers.

We believe that a thorough planning process is essential to deliver a website that not only looks good but has a positive user journey.

Websites for Charities

Most charities rely on a strong online presence, having a website that is easy to find and enjoyable to navigate is key to it’s success.

Our team have over a decade of experience working with charity websites to make sure you get the best opportunity to appeal to your audience.

Project Management

We work closely with you to ensure your digital project runs smoothly with an initial discovery workshop and then regular conversations as the project moves forward.

From the initial planning phase to delivery, our digital team are on hand to help you understand your audience, define your site structure, identify your objectives, and create a seamless and effective user journey.

Websites for local tradesmen

Having an online presence is vital for tradesmen. Whether your a Builder, Electrician, Plumber, Joiner, Mechanic or Roofer most people will search online and see

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We design websites that can easily be found using localised on page SEO tactics to ensure you are visible to your potential customers.

Websites for the health Sector

Across the health sector their are various categories that customers look for…. Doctor’s, Physiotherapist’s, Chiropodist’s, Dentist’s and Counselling organisations to name just a few.

Our team or experts are on hand to discuss your potential projects and see how we can support you to give your patient’s the best experience online.

Full CMS Training

Once your website is ready we then provide a full training service for your team and can do this either at our studio or at your business location.

It you want to update the CMS yourself it is essential that you know and understand the back end of the website works, so that you can easily update the pages and blog

Website Platforms and Technology

By sing the latest technologies we can ensure that your website is easy to update, work well when searched by Google & Bing as well as allowing your website to evolve with your business.

Hosting and Maintenance Packages

We offer both hosting and maintenance packages to our clients so we can take away the hassle and leave you to run your business, just ask one of the team for more details.

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